Both Maple Winds Care Center and Autumn View Personal Care offer a full range of therapy services, including physical, occupational, and speech therapies. These therapies are an integral part of each resident’s individual plan of care.

Some of our short term residents come to us specifically for these therapy services before returning home after an illness or accident.

We work with people who have had bone fractures, hip or knee replacements or other surgeries. We provide therapies for strengthening and to help heal wounds and recover range of motion. We work with swallowing or dysphagia disorders and certain Alzheimer’s or dementia related problems.

Therapies for our Maple Winds nursing care residents may be provided bed side or the residents may visit our spacious therapy room. There they have opportunities to work with a variety of specialized therapy devices including parallel bars, weight training equipment, steps, and even a training restroom.

Autumn View Personal Care residents usually receive rehab therapy privately in their rooms.

Our therapists follow detailed individual plans for each resident, including those who only need overall strengthening and minimal assistance with activities.